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Medical Cleaning

Cleaning medical facilities is much more specialized than other commercial cleaning services, and it starts with more training that is required for our employees. Cleaning medical facilities requires investment in training, for instance, knowledge of and adherence to OSHA’s blood pathogen standard. Specific chemicals, tools, and machines need to be used, and each cleaning technician needs to have proper personal protective equipment. It also requires a level of quality control that no other cleaning has.

When you are in a medical environment, cleaning is more than emptying the garbage. We have in-depth knowledge of a variety of cleaning specifications in the field and adhere to the strict HIPPA regulations for client and patient privacy. These requirements are very different from a typical office. Medical offices require a much higher standard of cleaning to prevent the spread of disease.

Our experience includes all types of medical offices. We emphasize safety and security with employee screening and training on security policies and the HIPPA privacy rule.

Office / Warehouse / General Cleaning

Each space has its own expectations and level of cleanliness, and we’re able to cater to what your business needs. We know what types of solutions can be used on certain types of surfaces to ensure there is no damage and your surfaces look great and last a long time.

  • Garbage Removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Countertops and Break Rooms
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Waiting Rooms
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