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Floor Cleaning

Making Your Floors Shine

Taking a lot of abuse and traffic, floors often require a great deal of maintenance and care to be kept safe and looking great. At DJ's Janitorial Services we provide both routine and restorative floor maintenance for a variety of customers, including medical and commercial facilities. By making use of our floor maintenance services, you can help avoid costly floor stripping procedures through proper coating and upkeep. Working out of New York, we provide our services to those in and around Buffalo.

Repairing and Cleaning Damaged Floors

When you have flooring that is subject to a lot of traffic and abuse, it can quickly become run down and lose any slip resistance it once had. This often causes safety concerns, alongside ruining the shine your floors had that made them look so good. Through the floor cleaning services of DJ's Janitorial Services, we help remedy this natural degradation through regular maintenance, cleaning, and re-coating of any worn down floors.

Regular Maintenance and Floor Restoration

Routine maintenance is a required service for those who want to protect the way their floors look and function, while extending the time necessary before any more restorative work is required. This service provides your floors with matting to prevent dirt from being tracked onto the floor, in addition to regular dust mopping for the removal of dust, soil, and any other debris that can cause faster deterioration.

When your floors are faced with more damage and wear, restorative and interim maintenance may be required to get it working and looking as intended. For interim maintenance we scrub the top layers thoroughly, then apply two or more coats of floor wax to restore that lustrous shine. When the traffic and soil have taken their toll on the finish, then restorative maintenance will be our fall back. A stripping solution is applied to the dirty layers to completely remove them and leave the floor a blank slate. This allows us to finish up by adding as many new layers of wax as are needed after the complete stripping.

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Floor Maintenance

 All floors need care and maintenance. A floor properly coated and maintained can last a long time. As the floor is exposed to traffic soils the surface is attacked. Soils penetrate the coating and become rough and less soil resistant and less reflective.

Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance is required to maintain the desired appearance to expand the time between interim and restorative maintenance procedures. This should include the use of proper floor matting to prevent soils from being tracked onto the floor. It also includes regular dust mopping to remove soil and debris that can cause deterioration of the finish.

Interim Maintenance

Top scrub and re-coat is done when routine maintenance no longer has the desired appearance levels. During the top scrub and re-coat, the dirty layers are removed and two or more coats are applied to restore shine.

Restorative Maintenance

Over time, traffic and soils take their toll on the finish. The stripping solution emulsifies the dirty layers. The dirty finish is removed with an auto scrubber leaving the surface clean and ready for new layers of wax.

Other areas we service include the following types of locations:

• Daycares
• Gyms
• Fitness Centers
• Churches
• Warehouses
• Apartments
• Financial
• Eye Centers
• Hair Salons/Nail Salons/Spas